Below is information on grants available from North Hertfordshire District Council, Hertfordshire County Council and Kings Walden Parish Council:

North Herts Council – Southern Rural Community

Small community grants are available to independent and not-for-profit organisations working for the benefit of local communities in North Herts.

The Community/Partnerships Team work with residents and other appropriate organisations to identify and respond to issues that promote the development and enhancement of community wellbeing.

Hertfordshire County Council – Locality Budget Grants

Each County Councillor gets a budget to spend on projects in their area that promote the social, economic or environmental wellbeing of their local area.

Grants can be given for anything, as long as it’s legal and doesn’t go against a county council policy.

Councillors have given grants before for:

  • Non-profit community events
  • crime prevention
  • health
  • education.

The County Councillor for the Parish of Kings Walden is David Barnard.

Kings Walden Parish Council

Kings Walden Parish Council has a small budget for the award of grants. The council uses its power to assist in projects which members feel will be of benefit to the local area. Grant applications are considered at the next possible meeting of the council after receipt of the completed application form. Applications must meet the council’s grants criteria in this respect.

We recommend you consider district and county council grants before applying to the parish council, as these bodies have much larger funding pots. You can apply to more than one source and funders often prefer to see funds being derived from multiple sources.

Please read the terms and conditions before applying for a grant. The Policy and grant application form can be downloaded below.